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David McGill is a New Zealand social historian who has published 54 books. Born in Auckland, educated in the Bay of Plenty and at a Christchurch seminary, he trained as a teacher and did a BA at Victoria University of Wellington. He worked as a feature writer for The Listener, Sydney’s The Bulletin, London’s TVTimes, wrote columns for the Evening Post in Wellington and edited a local lifestyle magazine before becoming a full-time writer in 1984. His book subjects include Ghost Towns of New Zealand and the country’s first bushranger, local and national heritage buildings, Kiwi prisoners of war, the history of the NZ Customs Department, a biography of a criminal lawyer, a personal history of rock music, a rail journey around the country, historical and comic novels, several thrillers and six collections of Kiwi slang. He collects owl figurines and reads thrillers.

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A complete list of books by David McGill:

Cityscapes, Methuen, 1977

Tales of the Terrace, St Andrew’s Church, 1979.

In Praise of Older Buildings, Methuen, 1980

Ghost Towns of New Zealand, Reed, 1980 and 1997

The Other New Zealanders, Mallinson Rendel, 1982; No 1 NZ bestseller.

The Pioneers of Port Nicholson, Reed, 1984

Harbourscapes, Growl Press, 1984

The G’Day Country, Platform Publishing, 1985

My Brilliant Suburb, Platform Publishing, 1985

POW: The Untold Stories of New Zealanders as Prisoners of War, Mills, 1987

The Kid from Matata, Grantham House, 1987

A Dictionary of Kiwi Slang, Mills, 1988; No 1 NZ bestseller.

The Dinkum Kiwi Dictionary, Mills, 1989

I Had a Squashed Banana, Mills, 1989

Kiwi Babyboomers, Mills, 1989

The Lion and the Wolfhound, Grantham House, 1990 

The Guardians at the Gate, Silver Owl Press, 1991

The Adventures of Horace-Thomas the Magic Horse, Silver Owl, 1991

Lower Hutt: The First Garden City, Hutt City Council, 1991

No Right to Strike, Silver Owl/NZ Police Service Organisations 1992

Whakaari, Silver Owl, 1995

Gold in the Creek, Silver Owl, 1995

McGill’s Dictionary of Kiwi Slang, Catchphrases, Characters and Kiwiosities, Silver Owl, 1995

I Almost Tackled Kel Tremain, Silver Owl, 1996

Landmarks, Godwit, 1997 and Phantom House, 2005

David McGill’s Complete Kiwi Slang Dictionary, Reed, 1998

Full Circle: The History of the St James Theatre, Phantom House, 1998

From N to Z, Reed, 1998

The Dolly Lolly Diaries, Silver Owl, 1998

David McGill’s Rude New Zealand Limericks, Grantham House, 1999

Good Old Kiwi Identities, Grantham, 2000

Island of Secrets, History of Matiu/Somes Island, Steele Roberts/Silver Owl, 2001; No 1 bestseller

Wellington — A Capital Century, Transpress, 2003

The Monstrance, Silver Owl, 2003

The Reed Book of New Zealand Quotations, Reed, 2003

In Xtremis, Silver Owl, 2004.

Stacey: The Life, Style and Trials of a Great New Zealand Criminal Lawyer, Silver Owl, 2005.

The Girning of Government House, Silver Owl, 2005.

The First New Zealand Bushranger, Silver Owl, 2006.

From My Cold, Dead Hands, Silver Owl, 2007.

The Treadmill Tapes: Confessions of a Compulsive Pop Picker, Silver Owl, 2007.

The Mock Funeral: A Novel of the Irish Riots on the Goldfields of New Zealand, Silver Owl 2008

The Communion of the Easter Bun-Rabbit: The Food Lives of a Kiwi Here and There, Silver Owl 2008

The G’Day Country ReduxA Rail Journey Back into New Zealand, Silver Owl 2009

Shaking 1960Silver Owl 2010

A Dictionary of Noughties Kiwi Slang, Silver Owl 2011

Geyser in the Creek, Silver Owl 2011

The Compleat Cityscapes, Silver Owl 2012

The Promised Land, Silver Owl Press 2012

The Slightly Mysterious Little Drummer Boy Who Became Mayor of Auckland, Silver Owl Press 2013

Stamp in the Creek, Silver Owl Press 2014

Kingfisher, Kingfisher, Take My Luck, Silver Owl Press 2014

The Death Ray Debacle, Silver Owl Press 2015

The Plot To Kill Peter Fraser, Silver Owl Press 2016

On a Bodgie Bike, Silver Owl Press 2018

Death of an Agent, Silver Owl Press 2019

The Manger, The Mikdash and the Mosque, Silver Owl Press 2020