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Correction to yesterday’s blog: It was my stuff-up yesterday, I should have said NZME launched a court case to get Australian owners of Stuff to negotiate sale, and failed, and today Stuff purchased for $1 by its NZ CEO and thus it is back in NZ hands. So I have rewritten those first three sentences yesterday and then it is all okay, but I am still stuffed for publicity from Stuff, after 50 years of attracting publicity, albeit not always friendly. In most of this time I could not attract any publicity from the NZ Herald, the flagship of NZME and the newspaper I grew up with in Auckland, along with the defunct Auckland Star. Not even a skerrick of a notice when the then Auckland mayor launched my biography of my great-grandfather Waddel, Mayor of Auckland in the 1880s, in the very building he built, as a public library with the help of his good friend George Grey, and now the art gallery. So imagine my surprise when my new book, The Manger, the Mikdash and the Mosque, is on Facebook with ownership of it identified as NZ Herald and NZME (which I notice TV newsreaders referring to as NZ Me, which might be because they know stuff all about what it is).

Here is the link for a generous three pages of publicity:


I could not have puffed better myself.

The plea is in the digital nature of the puff. No physical or print launch, which is a first for me in this, my 59th book. That actually let me off the hook as to a venue for a launch, given the book is set in Jerusalem and features blind Christian Arab girls, a quaffing Catholic priest, Israeli spies and its prime minister of the time, Yitzak Rabin, who was recently seen on Sky Movies masterminding the amazing Entebbe rescue of Israeli citizens the following year, 1976. My plea is to you, my virtual launchees, to ask your local library and local bookshop if they are stocking the print or e-book versions.

The reason I ask is that I am trying to figure out how to promote the print version and, a novel experience for me, the e-book version. I have been in touch with the library supplier and have been told they do not promote books, it is up to the libraries to choose and they merely order on their behalf. So I have been to the libraries and been told they do not accept direct appeals to stock the book from publishers, they look at the library supplier’s website and order from what they see there. Sort of Catch 22, right?

So my only hope is you. If you ask library staff if they have the book, print or e-book, and they say no, never heard of it, then you are entitled to ask them to order it on behalf of you and other readers. Same goes for bookshops, ask and I might receive an order.

The promise? Well, look at the link and you will see what was said about the book by Roger Hall, Fiona Kidman and Graeme Lay. It might entice you to want to read the book. You could even purchase it. The e-book version is the same as a double-shot latte, $5 from mebooks.co.nz or Amazon.