The postwar world of slygroggers, bookies, brothel keepers, backstreet abortionists and murder trials recreated from the casebook of a criminal lawyer ‘the closest New Zealand has come to a real-life Rumpole of the Bailey’, The Dominion Post, 5 July 2005. NZ$30.00, 300 pages Buy Now  

In Xtremis


Extreme Opposition to Auckland marine adventure park and obsessive pursuit of the priceless monstrance endanger another generation. ‘The attack on the car with the digger was inspired.’ Steve Whitehouse. NZ$20.00, 216 pages Buy Now  

The Monstrance


Two Westie lads pursue stolen religious vessel through swinging sixties Europe to a fiery climax in the Hauraki Gulf. ‘I was gobsmacked by your recall of Auckland.’ Steve Whitehouse. ‘Captures laconic Kiwi-speak perfectly.’ NZ$20.00, 264 pages Buy Now  

Island of Secrets


The island at the centre of New Zealand’s history: Maori invasion of Chathams; First immigrant quarantine; Death ray sponsorship; Nazi NZ takeover plot; Tuatara breeding programme. Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington harbour retains a secret wartime diary. 'Lifts the lid on its weird and wonderful past.' Evening Post NZ$32.00, 160 pages Buy Now  

The Girning of Parliament House: Political Satire/Future Fable


New NZ PM Ron Doshe (think Key or Goff) has all his Lottos come at once with the good oil strike, but picks the wrong time to lose the combination for his superloo, just when terrorists take Government House oil guests hostage. Junior coalition partner Betty Mahutonga takes charge as wannabe oil partners America, Russia, Australia, Italy, Germany and Britain rush to the rescue. Issues with digital Big Brother security, animal rights and nuclear invasion pour flames on this troubled oil bonanza. NZ$10.00, 203 pages [button color="green" size="small" link="" target=""]Buy Now[/button]  

Gold in the Creek


The fall and rise of the Kiwi village of Kotuku courtesy of the title discovery. The NZ Listener identified 'a veritable Milkwood of characters ... a whisky priest, a ghastly coke-snorting property developer, a very British major, a stoned street kid ... in a shaggy sheep tale that is a bit of a dag'. Available as print book from this website, $25 incl postage and packaging, as an e-book for $4.99 from and Amazon [button color="green" size="small" link="" target=""]Buy Now[/button]