412, 2021

Paul, John and Me

December 4th, 2021|

Paul McCartney offered his hand and hoped I would write a good article. John as in Reid the cricketer, not John Lennon. The nearest I got to him was saying hello back in the mid-sixties as I went on to the John Reid squash courts opposite Victoria University of [...]

2108, 2021

Roger and Me

August 21st, 2021|

Okay, Roger Hall and Me. No way Michael Moore’s 1989 destroyer-mentary on General Motors CEO Roger Smith. Mine is a benign reminiscence of a student friendship, its subsequent ebb and flow anchored in the bedrock of flatting in Kelburn in the mid-sixties. I wanted to flat with a fellow student [...]

1107, 2021

Maurice, Philip and Me

July 11th, 2021|

Life as a Novel is a magnificent 575-page, two-volume biography of Maurice Shadbolt by Philip Temple. I won it in a competition to write about Shadbolt. The biography is as readable and complex as any of Shadbolt’s novels. It also proves yet again what is observed in the biography, namely [...]

2405, 2020

A Plea and a Promise

May 24th, 2020|

Correction to yesterday's blog: It was my stuff-up yesterday, I should have said NZME launched a court case to get Australian owners of Stuff to negotiate sale, and failed, and today Stuff purchased for $1 by its NZ CEO and thus it is back in NZ hands. So I have [...]

605, 2020


May 6th, 2020|

Virtual launch today 6 May 2020 for print and e-book versions of my new thriller The Manger, the Mikdash and the Mosque Fifth Dan Delaney Mystery set in Israel in 1975. NZ Fiction reviewer Alyson Baker’s blog review published in Crime Watch: ‘Dan Delaney, now ‘damn near 60’, travels with [...]