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Scottish lad Jamie Munro arrives in Port Nicholson in 1840 with his dying father, an ex-convict with a dream of a better life and equality for all in the Promised Land. Jamie returns from exploring the Hutt Valley to find his father dead and himself orphaned and dependent on the goodwill of settlers. He forms an unlikely friendship with a disenfranchised Maori lad, Koromako Rangitahi, only for land tensions between settlers and Maori to separate them. When the tensions flare into the violence and bloodshed at what became known as the Battle of Boulcott Farm, Jamie Munro is accused of aiding and abetting the Maori ‘rebels’ who killed seven soldiers, including young Drummer Allen, taking the bugle he used to signal the attack. Munro is offered the choice of trial for treason or assisting in the tracking down of the rebels, and in particular identifying Koro, who struck down Allen.

‘A Kiwi Huckleberry Finn.’ Michael O’Leary, author of Unlevel Crossings.

‘I seem to get more of a picture of ‘New Zealand’ from historical novels like The Promised Land than I do from clever, contemporary literary works.’ – Mark Pirie, poet, publisher, anthologist.

231 pages large format paperback, $35, with free postage.

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